About us

KuapEX was launched in October 2019 with the mission to put the future of money in the pockets of the world. Since then, it has grown into a trusted platform where merchants and consumers can transact with digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more. We're based in Spain - Barcelona. Our team currently consists of over 20 ambitious and talented members from all over the globe, who are not only great at what they do but are equally passionate about turning our mission into reality. 

At its inception, we only catered to European countries but have since expanded to most other countries in the world. KuapEX now has hundreds of thousands of users as we seek to build global cooperation with counterpart organizations across other countries and with international bodies.

Our mission at KuapEX is to put the future of money, in the pockets of the world.

At its core, KuapEX is all about ease of use. To stay ahead of the curve, we continuously work on strengthening KuapEX’s position as Europe’s leading platform for digital assets while expanding our scope to introduce new services. For too long, our shallow pockets have been a reminder of the illusion of control centralized institutions have sewed upon us. Day by day, we tear a stitch, seeing the glimmer, a faint sliver of what our money, our very lives, could look like truly unencumbered by an aged system.

With cryptocurrency, we have broken every stitch and found the true depth our pockets have yearned to provide for our financial future. Fighting by your side, KuapEX will help guide you along this path, by putting the future of money, in your pockets.

Cryptocurrency is freedom, let us liberate!

Pushing the industry forward

At KuapEX, we are firm believers in the innovative and revolutionary power of blockchain technology cryptocurrencies, and digitised assets. We are guided by our commitment to tearing down the outdated systems of personal finance and bringing in the new era of financial products and technological advancements into the 21st century. That’s why in addition to accepting SEPA international bank transfers, our platform is also fully optimized for credit/debit cards for fiat currency payments for buying cryptocurrencies.

With a streamlined user experience and high-grade online security systems, KuapEX has blossomed into a popular and trusted trading platform for experts and newbies alike. Users can currently buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Electra, USDT and other digital assets. Our user-friendly interface, available on IOS and Android, lets you buy, sell, and HOLD different kinds of crypto assets with great ease and assurance. We also feature low transaction fees and super fast transactions to guarantee a seamless trading experience. Want to learn more about us? shoot us a message at support@kuapex.co

We’re based in ... Spain